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Welcome to the Black Boy Art Show, the world’s largest celebration of black male artists. This vibrant traveling exhibition honors and showcases the incredible talents of Black male artists from across the nation. As we journey from city to city, we invite you to be a part of this monumental and inspiring movement. Your support as a sponsor not only amplifies the voices of these artists but also contributes to the celebration and recognition of their work in communities nationwide.

By sponsoring the Black Boy Art Show, you are directly supporting the arts and contributing to a diverse cultural landscape. Your involvement helps us provide a platform for these artists to share their unique stories and perspectives, fostering a more inclusive and expansive art world.

Individual Sponsorship

Empower Art with a Personal Touch

This is a unique opportunity for art lovers to personally contribute to the vibrant world of the arts. As an individual sponsor, you play a pivotal role in bringing life to these exhibitions. Your support directly influences the success and reach of our art shows.

Small Business Sponsorship

Boost Community and Business Through Art

Designed for small businesses aiming to positively impact their local communities. This sponsorship level promotes local artists while increasing your business’s visibility among a culturally engaged audience. It’s a partnership that benefits both the arts community and your business.

Corporate Sponsorship

Shape a Diverse Artistic Future: Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

A chance for corporations to make a meaningful difference in the arts and support diversity initiatives. Your corporate sponsorship extends beyond financial support, greatly influencing both the artists and the communities they reach. It demonstrates your company’s commitment to cultural enrichment and inclusivity.