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Nov 5, 2023



  • Westside Cultural Arts Center – 760 10th St NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318

About the Show

Join us for an extraordinary evening that pays homage to the brilliance and creativity of Black male artists. “A Marvelous Black Boy Art Art Show” is a captivating showcase that brings together a diverse array of artistic expressions, narratives, and perspectives under one roof.

Event Highlights:

  • Artistic Diversity: Immerse yourself in an eclectic collection of artworks spanning various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and more. 

  • Narrative Unveilings: Experience the power of storytelling through art as these artists delve into a wide range of themes such as identity, heritage, social justice, spirituality, and personal experiences. 

  • Live Demonstrations: Witness the creative process firsthand through live art demonstrations. Watch as skilled artists translate their visions onto canvas, turning blank spaces into thought-provoking masterpieces. 

  • Community Engagement: Connect with fellow art enthusiasts, creators, and supporters of the arts in a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. 

  • Culinary and Musical Delights: Immerse yourself in the entire experience with refreshments as well as live musical performances that enhance the ambiance and celebrate the intersection of art forms.

Don’t miss this chance to honor the creativity, innovation, and resilience of Black male artists. Mark your calendar and join us for an unforgettable evening of culture, conversation, and creativity.

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Artists & Vendors

A Marvelous Black Boy Art Show is a national exhibition experience celebrating black men artists using various forms of media.


Our celebration of black men artists includes 10 cities, 400+ artists, and 10k+ attendees nationwide so an extra hand is always helpful! Earn free passes, exclusive merch, and more! Sign up and let us know how you’d like to volunteer.




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“BLACK PAINT” a documentary short, captures Joshua Love’s journey from launching art shows in a church basement to orchestrating the nation’s largest celebration of Black artists. Initially featuring 20 artists, his vision expanded the Black Girl Art Show and Black Boy Art Show to include over 3,000 global artists.

About Us

A Marvelous Black Boy Art Show is a bi-annual art exhibit displaying the work of all black male artists using varying forms of media. This show is aimed toward celebrating black men, the strength in our diversity, and the power in our unity.