The mission of the Black Boy Art Show is aimed toward celebrating Black men,
the strength in our stories, and the creativity in our expression.

Launched in February 2020 in Atlanta GA, A Marvelous Black Boy Art Show is a bi-annual visual art, music, and street fashion exhibit exclusively showcasing the
work of Black male artists. Initially drawn to Atlanta by the allure of its global influence on culture and entertainment, many artists find themselves unable to successfully navigate Atlanta’s sometimes challenging landscape and garner the attention they deserve. A Marvelous Black Boy Art Show was inspired by a desire to create unique opportunities for aspiring African American artists to increase their visibility, generate sustainable income from their art, and make meaningful connections to already established artists in the city.

Since its launch, BBAS has created exposure for more than 200+ artists, awarded three Black male artists leveraging the power of their art to impact change in their communities, and welcomed over 2000 art and music lovers into a immersive artistic experience and a showcase of Black excellence.

Founder, Curator

Joshua Dingle, 34 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a curator, communicator and founder of A Marvelous Black Boy Art ShowA Spectacular Black Girl Art Show, and Feels ATL.

After realizing the disproportionate representation of black artists in the marketplace, he set out to change that narrative by creating A Spectacular Black Girl Art Show and A Marvelous Black Boy Art Show in Atlanta, GA. Since 2019, Mr. Dingle has curated over 40 exhibitions featuring over 400 local artists that has generated over $1.2m in artist sales. Since 2021, the exhibitions expanded to Washington D.C, Chicago, and Houston, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, NYC, and Nashville.

In May 2021 Joshua created Feels ATL, a weekly live experience that bridges art, music, and community. The platform has already provided performance opportunities to over 400 aspiring vocal artists and has become one of the most attended live music spaces in Atlanta, GA.

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Celebrating black male artists

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